I admit it-I am obsessed with scent detection. The most amazing moment happens in class when, for the first time, the dog shows its owner where a small tin with a scented Q-tip is hidden. Owners are skeptical the dog truly sniffed it out. Then I move the scent tin somewhere new and the dog does it again. Amazing! Owners can’t believe how good their dogs are at scent detection right from the start. Within six weeks, your dog can amaze you too!!

Owners get a lesson in how much dogs use their sense of smell everyday and dogs LOVE working their natural talent to get paid big time by a happy owner. A whole new world opens up to both dog and handler. It’s incredible!

I love scent work so much that I am the president, and also a judge, of Performance Scent Dogs,  a scent work organization that holds competitions across the United States and Canada. I feel very lucky to bring my experience in reading infinitesimally small changes in dog behavior and my specialty in motivating sport dogs together.

Scent work is great for

  • Busy dogs with energy to burn.

  • Shy or puppy mill rescue dogs for a great boost of confidence.

  • Old dogs who would love a low impact activity to keep them engaged.

  • Dogs who may need a little space around other dogs. Dogs work one at a time.

  • Puppies!

  • Dogs with no formal training-no prerequisites required

Scent work is easy to teach and fun to train. The only equipment is a few scented Q-tips and a dog that loves toys or food. Scent work is great for city dogs because training can happen anywhere.

Each class runs one hour for six weeks. Most dogs can start hunting independently for a target odor in about 6 weeks. See the info below for my latest class offerings. I also teach private lessons in beginning scent detection, troubleshooting for the competition team, as well as seminars across the US and Canada.

For more information about scent work competitions:


* Old dogs can and SHOULD learn new tricks! Silver Sniffers is a great way to have older dogs stay active and engaged. Ask for your 10% senior discount for enrolling in Introduction to Scent Detection class in Everett for any dog 8 years and older!

Competition Scent Work and Beginner Nosework classes for your dog in Boston, Belmont, Arlington, Somerville, Cambridge, Brookline, Massachusetts.


This class has no prerequisites. Your dog doesn’t even have to have any obedience skills! You will get a peek into scent theory and learn how to teach your dog to tell you the location of a hidden scent. This is the same way detection dogs across the world are taught to alert to bombs, drugs, agricultural items, and medical issues. The goal of this six week course is for dogs to love the game of searching and to build the foundation to be able to find a hidden target odor.

Dogs work one at a time, so scent work class is appropriate for dogs who can be grumpy with other dogs. This group class is not appropriate for human or dog aggressive dogs. Many of those dogs can gain confidence through private scent work lessons in conjunction with behavioral modification work.  Please contact me to arrange private sessions or if you have any reservations about your dog’s ability to be in a room with other dogs and people. Contact

Six Week Course, $180  
Starts September 9th
Sorry Full!
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10:00 am
Starts September 24th
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8:30 pm Starts September 24th
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Beginner #1 Scent Work

Dogs must have taken an Introduction to Odor class or have been on a target odor for at least 6 weeks.

Six Week Course, $180  

Starts September 9th
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Beginner #2 Scent Work

Dogs must be on birch or other target odor for at least 3 months. 

Six Week Course, $180
Starts Nov 4
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Trial Preparation

Get ready to tackle your first Target Odor Test in any organization. This class will help you ace your first odor test and first trial! Some classes may be conducted off site. Dogs must be on birch or other target odor for at least 4 months.

Six week course, $180
Will start in late October

Competition Scent Work

For Dogs trialing or about to trial

Six Week Course, $180 
Mondays 7:30pm Starts September 9th
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Advanced COMPETITION Scent Work

Dogs must have passed a Target Odor Test in any scent work organization or by permission of instructor.

Six Week Course, $180 

Tuesdays 7:30 pm Starts Sept 5th
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Mondays 8:30 pm Starts September 9th
Limited to six teams per week.
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In home lessons are available in Boston, Somerville, Cambridge, Medford, Malden, Winchester, Arlington and Everett.  I offer private lessons for beginning nosework for dogs who are unable to be in a room with other dogs and people.  I also offer private lessons for specific issues for the scent detection competition team.  

Have another dog friend or two who would like to get together for some dog training time? Set up a park or backyard training group!

Contact to schedule a time.

Online Scent Work Classes

Submit video and get coaching feedback. I also assign homework based on the team's needs Contact for more info.

Long Distance Scent Work Class Is Great For:

  • Scent Work Foundations

  • Building Stronger Alerts

  • Container Issues

  • False Alerts

  • Running Out Of Time

  • Calling Clear Confidently

guerilla scent work Classes

Guerrilla classes are off-site scent work classes to practice searching in a variety of different locations. Stay tuned for the next announcement!