High Fidelity Dogs 143 Bow Street (Near the casino!) Everett MA. 3/4 mile north of the Boston line.

Dog (& People!) Training

Do you want to do more with your dog?  From agility to scent work to we have wicked fun classes and private lessons led by professional dog trainers and who are also experienced competitors.  Are you having issues with lunging, barking and being a mess on leash? How about when visitors come over? We can help! High Fidelity Dogs also offers in-home dog training in Boston, Belmont, Arlington, Somerville, Cambridge, Everett, and surrounding areas. See what a difference a science based animal behavior consultant can make in your dog's life!


Dog nosework and scent work classes in Boston Massachusetts with Kate Bigger.

Scent Work

Unlock your dog’s potential and let your dog show you his world. Amazingly addictive sport and terrific fun for both dog and owner.

Agility classes for your dog in Boston Massachusetts with Kate Bigger.


Let the fur fly as your dog races around, through, and over an obstacle course with you as the navigator!

Online nosework and scent work classes for your dog with Kate Bigger.


The next Getting Started in Scent Work and Scent Work Foundations start online November 19th. Get Kate’s expertise and specific feedback on starting or improving your dog’s search performance in any venue.