Kate Bigger

Owner and Head Trainer

Kate Bigger dog trainer- agility, scent work, nosework, aggression, fear, puppy or senior dog training.

Kate Bigger, CDBC is a Boston based animal behavior consultant and trainer who specializes in helping people with dogs that need a little extra understanding. From aggressive to terrified, she has helped a wide variety of dogs with problematic behaviors. She also is a passionate sport dog trainer; specifically scent work, competition obedience and agility.  She is a seven-time National Agility Invitational Qualifier, multiple National Agility Finalist, who has racked up six agility championships on three different recycled dogs. Kate has had years of experience training happy and confident sport and city living pet dogs.  As the president of Performance Scent Dogs, a national sport scent detection organization, she has traveled from Alaska to Florida to Canada to judge and fine-tune hundreds of scent work teams. She feels very lucky to bring her experience in reading infinitesimally small changes in dog behavior and her specialty in motivating sport dogs together.  

Daisy the Irish Setter- agility dog training with Kate Bigger in Boston MA.

Blame Daisy. This whole thing is her fault.  Daisy, a rambunctious Irish Terrier who came to me from rescue when she was about nine months old, was a typical very high energy and low focus dog. Butterfly brain. She’d flit here and there leaving a path of destruction in her wake. Shiva in a red fur coat. She never met a cardboard box she didn’t think it was her responsibility to be returned to the earth in fine shreds. Also, metal cans. Plastic cd covers. Socks. Power cords.

In an effort to reign in her cat chasing ways, I turned to the internetz. Put coins in a soda can, tape it closed, and shake it at the dog to interrupt whatever nonsense they are doing. Great idea, I thought. If a dog could snicker while mocking attempts at forced compliance, that would be Daisy. When she sneakily swiped the can off a high shelf, ran amok through the house wildly shaking it in her mouth absolutely delighted by the metallic ringing of the coins, well…that’s when I turned to effective science-based training. Daisy went on to be a great friend to her feline companions, an awesome off-leash hiking partner, and a nationally accomplished agility dog. She passed at the ripe old age of 16, still insisting on going for long sniffy walks at every opportunity.


Author: Authored a two-part article for Clean Run Magazine published in April and May 2014 on contact re-training.

High Fidelity Dogs specializes in sport dog classes including scent work (nosework) classes, agility classes, and reactive dog agility classes. We also offer private behavior consultations and dog training for reactive, aggressive, fearful, or frustrated dogs. Service areas include Boston, Brookline, Belmont, Arlington, Somerville, Cambridge, Medford, Malden, Everett, and surrounding areas. High Fidelity Dogs is owned by professional dog trainer Kate Bigger.