• Are you at the end of your leash? Does your dog lunge and lose her mind when passing other dogs/kids/skateboards/trucks/joggers/bikes/men with hats or for no apparent reason at all

  • Need help when guests or the plumber come into the house

  • Expecting a new baby and not so sure how your dog is going to handle it

  • Does your dog bark and destroy things when home alone. Worried your dog has separation anxiety?

  • Maybe your dog has bitten another dog or a person and you are trying to figure out what to do next. Aggression is a specialty.

  • Does your puppy still pee or sneaky poop in the house? Jump on guests? Steal items? No problem is too small either!

Private behavior consultations are available. The first meeting runs 75-90 minutes typically in your home but can also be scheduled in Everett. Together, we design a plan of action for you and your dog's unique situation. Follow-up sessions include managing your dog's environment to set up for success, exercises, and interventions to keep the dog from engaging in the behavior you don't want and reinforcing the behavior you do! 

You will have work to do but your best friend will thank you for it a hundred times over.

Initial consult-$150 75-90 minutes
Follow up sessions-$125 per hour  
Package rates availble

Service area includes Arlington, Belmont, Boston, Everett, Lexington, Cambridge, Charlestown, Chelsea, Malden, Medford, Somerville, Watertown, Winchester. You can probably convince me to come to western parts of Brookline and Newton. If you live out of my service area, talk to me about if it is suitable to meet at my facility in Everett.