Agility is a wicked fun and very popular dog sport where a handler directs their dog around a timed obstacle course. Dogs of any any age and any breed can do agility for fun. It can be great way to build up confidence in shy dogs and deepen the relationship between dog and owner for any team. For dogs who are very skittish or dogs who are grumpy around other dogs, scent work is a better starter sport.

High Fidelity has new Great Mats flooring which is the best for canine support and traction. Feels great for people too! All of our contact equipment is aluminum and was rubberized by Max 200 in September 2016.

NOTE: Classes limited to six dogs. All classes need at least three registrations in order to start-class start date may be pushed back in order to fill or because of weather. Handlers are welcome to have two dogs in the same class with registrations for each. All class sessions run 6 weeks long. If classes are cancelled due to weather or instructor illness, the end date will be pushed back accordingly.  


Beginner #1 AGILITY


For dogs 3 months to older but in good shape that are mostly people and dog friendly to neutral. If your dog is reactive, please contact for private or semi-private lessons. Six Week Course $180

5:30pm Starts April 3rd
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6:30pm Starts April 24
Click here to register (Sorry Full!)


10 am Starts June 20th
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5:00pm Starts April 4th
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6:00pm Starts June 6th
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Beginner dog agility class in Boston, MA.

Beginner #2 Agility

Prerequisites-Must have completed Beginner #1 class and be comfortable jumping, running through a curved tunnel and on the A-frame.

 Six Week Course $180

(Sorry Full!)

6:00 pm
Starts April 4th

Intermediate Agility

For Dogs who have completed Beginner Agility #2

Starts April 25th
Contact Kate to register

Competition dog agility class in Boston MA.

Advanced Agility

For Dogs who have completed the Intermediate agility class or who are almost ready to enter agility trials.

Six Week Course $180

(Sorry full!)

Competition Agility

For dogs comfortable with all the obstacles. Weaves may be a work in progress. 

Six Week Course $180
Wednesdays, 8:30pm (sorry, full)
Thursdays, 8:00pm (sorry, full)

Agility for senior dogs in Boston MA.

Agility with just the fun stuff!

Have an older dog or don't want to do boring weave poles? Me neither!!! Let's get rid of the teeter and weave poles and have lots of fun on all the other equipment.  Contact to register.

Six Week Course $180
Thursdays (sorry, full)