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Why should a dog trainer or animal behavior consultant care about TAGTeach? I've kind of heard about it, but what is Tag Teaching anyway?

For me, TAGTeach is a way to teach people the way a good positive reinforcement pro teaches dogs! It helps break down target behavior into its smallest parts in order for the learner to achieve success faster. Ever hear "Be a splitter, not a lumper" when it comes to training your dog? TAGTeach helps you do the same thing with teaching people. And it doesn't only apply to dog trainers. Any physical activity from orthopedic surgery (really!) to basketball to fancy euro-moves in agility can benefit from teaching with tag teach. 

If dog training professionals are going to talk the talk of positive reinforcement training for our dogs, we have to walk the walk while training people as well. The principles and concepts of TAGTeach are excellent additions to any teacher's foundation skills.

You can take this workshop if you have some knowledge of TAGTeach or you can get your Level 1 certification on-line before this workshop.