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Shade Whitesel is returning to High Fidelity Dogs for a two day seminar on Columbus Day weekend Sat and Sun Oct 12 and 13th. She will also be teaching a limited number of privates on Monday.

October 12 & 13
$300 Working Spot (sorry, no single day working spots)
$50 per day for Auditors, $125 to audit all three days
Auditors must register in advance as we have lots of interest and limited space. I was so sad turning auditors away last year, so please register early to avoid disappointment.

Day 1: *Food marker cues and the mechanics necessary to train and use them *Using multiple marker cues *Ready To Work

Day 2: *Planning your training sessions *Offered/captured behavior *Down Stay *Moving together – How to get from here to there, LLW *Bonus Topic if time– Adding a Cue? Stand by Position

Shade specializes in high drive dogs, and loves to teach their handlers how to channel their prey drive and arousal issues into reinforcement that the handler controls, along with teaching the dogs how to be calm and not adrenalized 24-7


Monday October 14
8:00am-4:00 pm
One hour one-on-one lesson with Shade
All working participants are invited to audit all day
$150 working spot
$50 for auditors, $125 to audit all three days

To register:
Please click here