In between teaching classes, judging scent work trials, hiking and competing with my own dogs, I am available for seminars and workshops on scent detection, odor theory, and motivation for sport dogs. 



Scent Theory and Hide Placements for Judges, Competitors and Trainers in Canine Scent Sports

Thee two day seminar that brings together training, teaching, and trialing. Great for novice to experienced competitors. Wish I had this when I started competing, teaching and judging!!

canine container crunching

Go from problems with false alerts and crushing containers to crushing the q's instead. Full or 1/2 day working seminar.

Distance and Speed workshop

A great choice for new clubs. Full or 1/2 day working seminar.

Problem Solving in Scent work

The doctor is in! Through specific search scenarios, Kate can diagnosis and prescribe the cure. One to two day working seminar.

Toy play and reinforcement procedures

Get your nerd on! Why mark with only one word or a click? Sure, marker training does a fabulous job of communicating to the learner exactly what behavior is being reinforced but why not leverage the whole reinforcement procedure by indicating the reinforcer's type and placement? Let arousal levels, anticipation, and motion work for you!! Suitable for dogs who have an interest in playing with toys/balls and can play and take food in a working seminar environment. One day working seminar.

Acclimatization to new environments or rrrrrrrrrready?

Start button, ready to work, or consent cues are all similar ways for dogs to tell us they are comfortable enough in a place to give their attention to you and not busy scanning the environment. It's hard to train and harder to learn when most of your attention is elsewhere. Let's take a look at different ways to help your dog in new places while training or competing. Suitable for dogs with mild reactivity who can eat within five minutes of being in a new place to dogs with no reactivity but attention seems to be anywhere else but on you.